Book Writing And Why It’s Not for You

book writing is not for you
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Book writing is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of individual to be a book writer. Because it is not an easy career choice, only a few are able to go through the hardships of carving a writing career, the others just give up.

For a writer, a book is not just a book. It is the writer’s sweat and blood, the labor of love and hardship. Every writer must walk through a difficult path before they can get their books published. If you’re considering the idea of book writing as a career then you need to be aware of what it entails.

Book writing is not easy

You have to shun all the romanticism regarding book writing because you will be dealing with the harsh reality – that it is not as easy as it seems. You need to be aware that not all people who want to be a book writer end up writing and publishing a book. It is a difficult career path to follow – one that will test your determination and patience. Many will decide to quit at the first sign of difficulty.

Rejections are common

Writing a book is not for you if you cannot take rejections. You are going to face many rejections in this field and that’s the bitter reality. If you get disappointed with every rejection, this is not for you. If you throw your manuscript in the trash every time it happens, this is not for you. You need layers and layers of determination to get through every rejection hurled your way.

Patience will be tested

Hard work is the key to success but patience is equally important. Pursuing a career in writing can be frustrating when things are not going well. A number of situations will test your patience. If you give up when things get crazy, you lose. Success just doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months or even years before things fall into place.





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